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IT Devices as Accessories?

I felt so totally stuck in nineteenth century technology during my trip to Seattle three weeks ago that I almost threw my business cards away. I didn’t want to admit I worked for a tech company. I now know that my next IT purchase has to be a tablet device. Seriously.

I expected to see a lot of new tech devices in Seattle, but the number in the Akron/Canton airport was amazing. People were walking around talking to their Bluetooth connected smartphones or tablets things. The only individuals who were lugging full sized laptops were the ones in business suits, looking both uncomfortable and out of place. And me.

Then there’s the issue of weight of device. This is a huge thing when travelling. I don’t care how light that laptop is, it’s still 42 times as heavy as a tablet when you finally manage to get to your boarding gate.

And the room it takes up in your carry-on? That’s the equivalent to two pair of sandals or seven souvenirs. I could have three different brands of tablets for the weight and room needed for a single laptop. (This is calculated without factoring in the weight of the power pack or battery.)

Mind you, I don’t expect a tablet device to have the capability of my desktop or even my laptop. That would be like purchasing a Smart Car and expecting it to carry the load of a half-ton pickup.

I do expect to look like I embrace technology, get online and never   miss a play in Words with Friends or check-in on FourSquare.

Yes, people, your IT device of choice now determines your level of tech literacy. People look with envy at the latest (but not necessary greatest). Once again, appearance is everything.

Past generations were advised to dress for success. In the 21st Century, we need to pick our IT items for success. In an era where your car can be started by your smart phone, open your garage, parallel park for you, and call for reservations at the George V in Paris, choosing the ‘right’ IT device to travel and be seen with is critical.

Oh, and for those of you who participate in dating? Tablet devices are the new pickup tools, better than babies and dogs.

Carol Smith, Training Manager


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