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CS Technologies Plus – 30 Years of Offering Technology Solutions

CS Technologies Plus continues to stay in the forefront of technology.  2013 marks their 30th anniversary and business owner, Lisa Groner has been an employee since day one.  CS Technologies Plus (CST) was formerly known as Computer Showcase, CSOnline, The Learning Center and CSOnline Security.  anniversary

CST’s Computer Showcase division offers computer hardware and software sales, installation, diagnostic and repair, networking including wireless & cabling/fiber installation, AV and Digital Signage technical solutions and services. “If it is technology related, CS Technologies Plus provides the corresponding services” states Groner.

In May 2012, CST was awarded the desktop/laptop purchase and install contract (State Contract # 4900000208) with Clarion and Edinboro Universities, selling and supporting Dell hardware.  Also in 2012 additional manufacturers were added to the companies COSTARS Contract (Cooperative Sourcing to Achieve Reductions in Spending), which aids in the sales of technology products to public sector entities (schools and government agencies), without going through a collaborative bid process.

Windows 8 was released in the 4th quarter of 2012. Windows 8 offers Windows 8new levels of productivity, security and mobility without sacrificing performance or choice.  CS Technologies Plus is selling both Windows 7 and 8, realizing that some customers may not be ready to make the big jump to a new operating system. CST’s sales team seeks to find solutions for individuals, small-to-medium businesses or larger public sector customers; the team provides the best possible solution at the best price to customers in any arena.  At the end of 2012, CST became an ASUS reseller recognizing ASUS’s sustained growth in the laptop and tablet marketplace. customerservice

Located in Seneca PA, CST certified technicians cover a geographic area from Erie to the southern border of Pennsylvania from Johnstown to Youngstown, “We have the most knowledgeable technicians in NW Pennsylvania who are constantly upgrading their certifications”, states General Manager, Holly Berlin. “Our technicians value the customer relationship and strive to provide quality customer service every minute of the workday and beyond.”

The company’s training division, The Learning Center, is a private licensed school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  They offer classes via a public schedule and also customized/corporate classes based on a business or public sector’s training needs.  The Learning Center also teaches high-end technical courses for two Technology degree programs offered at Venango College of Clarion University.  Venango College teaches the general education courses and The Learning Center teaches the technical courses. Students not only learn through classroom instruction but they also get real world experience by working with CST staff in our technical service department.  In addition, CST trainers are teaching some of the computer courses for Clarion University through their Continuing Education Department.

The Learning Center will provide more cloud computing application training in 2013.  Cloud computing allows users to save files and documents on the web and to access them from any PC, Mac or Phone at any location at any given time.

Security Alarm technology trends continued to change in 2012.  The Security/Surveillance Division, CSOnline Security,camera1 has kept current with the changing technologies, giving area residents and businesses state-of-the-art management and control with their security systems offered.  Smart Phones are playing a major security role in keeping the customer notified and in control of their home or business with most systems offering Apps to manage and receive notifications of alarm events, and to access video cameras for remote live view. Wireless solutions have opened up new possibilities as well, making the installation more efficient and the interface with existing networks a snap. With the diminishing of the standard telephone land line, CST has moved to offer 4G cellular and Internet based communication for alarm system monitoring.

CCTV systems, that were generally more popular with businesses, have become more affordable for residential home centerowners. The cost between analog, HD and network camera systems is shifting in favor of HD and network based systems as the HD and network IP camera systems become more affordable.  CST now offers Cloud based CCTV and access control management systems which give medium to large scale businesses an overall cost benefit, ease of system management and worry-free data storage.

The expectations of the security industry in 2013 is continued growth, with emphasis in video surveillance and access control systems, as businesses, schools and universities move to tighten security for personal safety as well as controlling access to facilities.  “Despite the negative impact on our economy, CS Technologies Plus is seeing an increase in the demand for security and video surveillance solutions. Unfortunately with higher crime rates, there is a greater need for protecting assets and property”, states Jim Welch, Security/Surveillance Specialist.Follow CS Technologies Plus Blog

The staff at CST continues to operate their blog called “Tech Talk” which is updated monthly versus weekly with articles that cover a wide range of technology topics.  Staying up to date with changes in technology is a little easier when you read their Tech Talk blog. Sometimes silly, sometimes fun, always informative, this blog sifts through technology’s impact on our daily lives to give our readers usable stuff.  Best of all, it’s free, no fees, no cost, no sales.  “Tech Talk” can be found at

The Internet division, CSOnline, continues to be a local Internet Service provider offering Internet connectivity, web Internet-Advertisinghosting and design services on a regional level since 1996.  In 2012 the company upgraded their webhosting technologies enabling them to create and offer more modern day search-engine friendly websites with clean permalink structures, integrated link management, a user-friendly back-end, and the ability to support plugins, widgets, multi-user blogging and incorporate social media.

In 2013, CS Technologies Plus looks forward to new products, services and opportunities.  “Thirty years of continual business is a huge milestone for any company, but even more for a technology based company”, states Groner.  “I am really proud of our longevity, our employees and our technical capabilities.  The past 30 years has thrown many significant challenges at us, as there is always on-going learning and certifications when technology is involved.”  Groner adds, “2013 and beyond won’t be any different.”

Written by:
Holly Lynn Berlin (Gibbons), General Manager
Jim Welch, Security/Surveillance Specialist
Lisa Groner, President/CEO


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