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What’s Code Got To Do With It?

programmer_600Computers and Technology are moving at lightning speed. Every day there seems to be a new development in the tech industry. Have you ever wondered how technology is moving so quickly? Besides the hardware engineers who design the concept, what makes computers work are the developers and programmers. They are the  “coders”, who understand computer languages. They tell the androids to ‘make it work’.  From websites, to Windows applications, to Apple apps, all are made possible by a person sitting behind a computer, programming  a set of code. These codes are the brain and functionality of the software we use today.

There is a shortage of coders on the market. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and other major powerhouses are constantly competing to recruit the best coders/programmers and developers to join their team.  These most wanted jobs demand six figure salaries.

kidscodeYet schools across the country don’t introduce computer coding into the curriculum, not even as an elective. Colleges and Universities offer degrees on Computer Science, but by the time a child is 18, they have already been primed in other areas, which may not prepare them to enter into the field of programming.  

codeThere is a website, which was developed to help individuals interested in the field of programming. Whether you are 6 or 60, it’s a great website to visit. There are testimonials on the importance of computer programming, and they will guide you a level of understanding on how to start coding. Computer programming is not for everyone, but what is?  Visit to get a feel of what computer coding is all about.  See if that may be a path worth taking!


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